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Housing Plan Components

Hibben and Magie Apartments

Hibben and Magie Apartments

Hibben and Magie Apartments were constructed in the 1960's and are situated in two eight-story buildings near Lake Carnegie.

Configuration and Use
At present the units are configured as two, three, and four bedroom units. All units, except those on ground-level, are reached by elevator which gives access to open-air corridors. Each unit has an entrance hall, dining area, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and two to four bedrooms.

Hibben and Magie Apartments contain 192 units within two buildings, housing a mix of graduate students and faculty and staff.

Hibben and Magie apartments are in need of health, safety, and accessibility upgrades. Particular challenges for Hibben and Magie include:

  • Mid-1960's construction requires major renovation to meet present standards.
  • Life-safety, mechanical and electrical systems within the building are outdated.
  • Units are lack air conditioning.
  • No on-bedroom units are available in the complex.
  • Situated adjacent to wetlands, environmental regulations prohibit new construction on this site.

Future Plans
The Housing Plan calls for the renovation of the Hibben and Magie apartments, allocating the space for graduate students. Renovations for Hibben may include the replacement of multi-bedroom units with one-bedroom units and Magie will include building upgrades.  The existing mix of two, three, and four bedroom units at Magie will be retained.

Plan Progress
Refer to the  Plan Updates section of this site as the housing plan moves forward.