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Council of the Princeton University Community

In May 1969, a Special Committee on the Structure of the University, chaired by Professor Stanley Kelley Jr., proposed the establishment of a Council of the Princeton University Community as “a permanent conference of the representatives of all major groups of the University” where “they could each raise problems that concern them and … be exposed to each other’s views.” The council first met on October 27, 1969. Typically, it meets six times during the academic year, with special meetings as needed. A link to a copy of the CPUC Charter is given below. (See more information about the CPUC in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities.)

Contact Information

The CPUC's Executive Committee has responsibility for setting Council agendas.  They welcome suggestions and comments.  Please send them to:
Ann Halliday
Secretary to the CPUC
One Nassau Hall
Princeton, New Jersey 08544

2014-15 Proposed Meeting Schedule

All meetings are on Mondays beginning at 4:30 p.m. and ending by 6:00 p.m. Place to be determined.

September 29
November 10
December 8
February 9
March 9
May 4

For Reference

Copy of President Eisgruber's presentation on strategic planning at the February 10, 2014 meeting can be found at this link.

Charter of the CPUC as of May 2013

Order of Business 2013-14

September 2013 Report of the Ad Hoc Trustee Committee on Diversity