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CPUC Standing Committee Members, 2015-16

CPUC Executive Committee, Spring 2016

Prof. Sigrid Adriaenssens, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Richard Brown '65
Jacob Cannon '17
Prof. Bruno Carvalho, Spanish and Portuguese
President Christopher Eisgruber (chair)
Aleksandra Czulak '17
Naimah Hakim '16
Provost David Lee (chair pro tem)
Prof. Nolan McCarty, WWS/Politics
Akshay Mehra, GS Geosciences 
Prof. Peter Meyers, Physics
Prof. Carolyn Rouse, Anthropology
Prof. Esther Schor, English
Olga Sergienko, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Mei Zheng, GS EE

Sits with the committee
Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life
Ann Halliday, secretary to the CPUC

Priorities Committee

For information, visit this website:

Provost David Lee, chair
Prof. Faisal Ahmed, Politics 
Prof. Maria Garlock, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Prof. Judith Hamera, Lewis Center for the Arts
Prof. Alexander Ploss,  Mo Bio
Prof. Rodney Priestly, Chem & Bio Eng.
Prof. Nicholas Turk-Browne, Psychology
Daniel Choi GS, Molecular Biology
Colette Johnson GS, English
Jalisha Braxton ’16
Ross Donovan '16
Linhchi Nguyen ’18
Adrian Tasistro-Hart ’17
Sal Rosario, OIT
Carolyn Ainslie, Treasurer and VP Finance
Deborah Prentice, Dean of the Faculty
Treby Williams, Executive VP

Sits with the committee:
Steven Gill, Finance; Aly Kassam-Remtulla (secretary) Office of the Provost; Richard Meyers, Office of the Provost.  The Vice President for Development may meet with the committee but is without vote.


Governance Committee

President Christopher Eisgruber,  chair
Duncan Hosie '16
Kim Jackson, Director, Transportation & Parking Services
Prof. Naomi Leonard, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Lavinia Liang '18
Prof. Jeff Nunokawa, English, Master, Rockefeller College
Daniel Vitek, GS Mathematics
Prof. David Wilcove, EEB and Public Affairs

[The committee is part of the Trustee Committee on Honorary Degrees]

Judicial Committee

Prof. David Bell, History, chair
Prof. Mark Braverman, Computer Science
Christopher Cross '18
Anirudh Dasarathy '16
Maureen DeNino GS, French and Italian
Prof. Joan Girgus, Psychology
Prof. Joshua Katz, Classics
Jonathan LeBouef, Registrar's Office

Resources Committee

For information, visit this website:

Prof. Christopher Achen, politics
Prof. Marc Fleurbaey (chair), economics and U Center for Human Values
Prof. Lynn Loo, chemical and biological engineering
David Schwartz GS sociology
Leila Shahbender, OIT
Daniel Teehan '17
Susan Wang '18

Sits with the committee:  Carolyn Ainslie and Margaret Fox-Tully, Office of the Vice President for Finance and Treasurer; Susan Ciniglio, PRINCO


Rights and Rules Committee

Prof. Charles Beitz, Politics & Center for Human Values
Prof. Margot Canaday, History
Prof. Diana Fuss, English (chair)
Paul Draper '18
Allison Fleming '18
Eli Schechner '18
Mircea Davidescu GS
Victoria Luu GS

Ex officio members:  Dean of the Faculty Deborah Prentice, Dean of Undergraduate Students Kathleen Deignan.

A University Counsel and a member of the Office of Public Safety may meet with the committee as necessary but are without vote.