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CPUC Standing Committee Members, 2014-15

Executive Committee of the CPUC, Fall 2014

Prof. Sigrid Adriaenssens, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Amitava Bhattacharjee, Astrophysics
Prof. Thomas Hare, Comparative Literature
Prof. Hendrik Hartog, History
Prof. Peter Meyers, Physics
Prof. Anna Stilz, Politics
Sean Edington, GS Chemistry
Arvind Ravikumar, GS EE
Shawon Jackson '15
Daniel P. Johnson '15
Zhan Okuda-Lim '15
Nancy Burnett, Program Manager, WWS
Hande Benson *01
Sits with the committee
Cynthia Cherrey, Vice President for Campus Life
Ann Halliday, secretary to the CPUC

Priorities Committee

For information, visit this website:

Provost David Lee, chair
Prof. Christopher Achen, Politics
Prof. Jill Dolan, English
Prof. Maria Garlock, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Prof. Sally Poor, German
Prof. Blair Schoene, Geosciences
Prof. Nicholas Turk-Browne, Psychology
George Khoury, GS Chem and Biological Engineering
Loan Le, GS Electrical Engineering
Brandon Holt '15
Michael Kochis '15
Yessica Martinez '15
Carolyn Yang '15
Devin Levi, Grounds and Buildings Maintenance
Carolyn Ainslie, Treasurer and VP Finance
Deborah Prentice, Dean of the Faculty
Treby Williams, Executive VP

Sits with the committee:
Steven Gill, Finance Aly Kassam-Remtulla, Office of the Provost


Governance Committee

Ms. Katherine Clifton '15
Mr. Duncan Hosie '16
Prof. Naomi Leonard, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Prof. Jeff Nunokawa, English
Prof. David Wilcove, EEB and Public Affairs
Mr. Kyle Keller GS
Mr. Justin Reed, Associate, PRINCO
President Christopher Eisgruber (chair)

[The committee is part of the Trustee Committee on Honorary Degrees]

Judicial Committee

Prof. Mark Braverman, Computer Science
Mr. Anirudh Dasarathy '16
Prof. Joan Girgus, Psychology
Prof. Joshua Katz, Classics
Mr. Jonathan LeBouef, Registrar's Office
Ms. Kathryn Moore '15
Mr. Christian Moser GS, Economics
Prof. Alan Patten, Politics; University Center for Human Values 

Resources Committee

For information, visit this website:

Ms. Carolyn N. Ainslie,Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Ms. Jennifer Birmingham, Managing Director, PRINCO
Mr. Jacob Cannon '17
Prof. Marc Fleurbaey, WWS of Public and International Affairs and Center for Human Values (chair)
Ms. Karen Jezierny, Director of Public Affairs (secretary)
Prof.Yuen-Lin (Lynn) Loo, Engineering and Applied Science
Mr. Dallas Nan '16
Ms. Leila M. Shahbender, Office of Information Technology
David Schwartz GS

Rights and Rules Committee

To be announced.