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CPUC Meeting Agendas

May 2, 4:30 p.m.

101 Friend Center (on William Street)

Approval of minutes from the March 28, 2016 meeting

  • Question and Answer session.  [15 minutes]
  • CPUC Resources Committee report.  Professor Marc Fleurbaey, chair of the committee, will review guidelines followed by the committee and its work for this year.  [15 minutes]
  • Cyber security.  Vice President for Information Technology Jay Dominick will discuss steps OIT takes to ensure cyber security and steps members of the University community can take to help ensure cyber security. [15 minutes]
  • Discussion about the Freshman Scholars Institute and the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning.  Deans Khristina Gonzalez and Lisa Herschbach will give presentations about these programs and take questions. [30 minutes]
  • Brief overview of implementation of recommendations concerning diversity and inclusion from Vice Provost Minter followed by Vice President Rochelle Calhoun's introduction of the new Dean for Diversity LaTanya Buck.  Dean Buck joins the University this summer.  There will be a reception directly following the meeting in Friend Courtyard (or Friend Atrium if it is raining) to welcome her to campus. [15 minutes]

CPUC meetings are open to all in the University community.  (Times are approximate.)

March 28, 4:30 p.m.

101 Friend Center (on William Street)

Approval of minutes from February 15; questions and answers

The Campus Plan.  Discussion with members of the Vice President for Facilities staff about the Campus Plan, 2016-2026...and Beyond.

Sustainability efforts.  Discussion with the Director of the Sustainability office, Shana Weber, and colleagues about sustainability programs on campus.  Students will discuss "campus-as-living-lab" projects.

February 15, 4:30 P.M.

101 Friend Center (on William Street)

Approval of minutes. Question and answers 15 minutes

President Eisgruber will discuss the recently released strategic planning framework (at the attached link) and take questions.  30 minutes

Members of the special Trustee Woodrow Wilson Legacy Committee will also be present at the meeting to hear from members of the community.  The committe's website which includes essays by scholars and biographers of Wilson and opportunities to submit comments or sign up for small group discussions are available online at  45 minutes

December 14. 4:30 p.m.

101 Friend Center (on William Street)

Question and Answer session.

Entrepreneurship at Princeton. An update from Cornelia Huellstrunk, Associate Director of the Keller Center, and colleagues about initiatives to foster entrepreneurship at Princeton.  The panel will include Lizette Taguchi, GS WWS, Abi Khanna '16, Evan Corden '16, Dylan Hu '18, and Maya Ceja from the Keller Center. Information about the Keller Center is at   The report of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Advisory Committee for the Strategic Planning process, and the response from the President and Provost is at the following link:   [30 minutes]

Equity and Inclusion.  Continuation of discussions about equity and inclusion on campus including the work of the faculty. Dean of the Faculty Deborah Prentice will provide information about faculty committees and departments and initiatives to recruit and retain a diverse faculty and other faculty initiatives that relate to diversity and inclusion.   [45 minutes]

November 23, 2015. 4:30 p.m.

101 Friend Center (on William Street)

Question and Answer session.

Strategic Planning.  President Eisgruber will describe the strategic planning process that began last year and is scheduled to conclude in January 2016.  He will outline the goals of the process and the work of campus task forces who are gathering data and making recommendations about topics important to the planning process.  Discussion will follow the presentation.  Information about strategic planning is posted on the website  

Priorities Committee.  Provost Lee will give the yearly report for the CPUC Priorities Committee.  Every year the committee makes recommendations to the University Board of Trustees concerning the operating budget including tuition and fees and the yearly salary pool.  The Provost, who chairs the committee, will describe the process used by the committee and requests for funding that the committee has begun to consider.  Discussion will follow the presentation. The committee's website is at 

October 12, 2015. 4:30 p.m.

101 Friend Center (on William Street)

The Council of the Princeton University Community will meet Monday, October 12 at 4:30 p.m. in 101 Friend Center (next to the Computer Science building on William Street).   The agenda follows (times are approximate):  

  • Opening of the year business:   Approval of the Order of Business for 2015-16 and of committee assignments.   [5 minutes]
  • Question and answer period.   [15 minutes]
  • Emergency preparedness update.   [15 minutes]
  • Update on the Special Task Force on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. [ 30 minutes]
  • Discussion about the findings of the “We Speak” survey on inappropriate sexual behavior.   [30 minutes; President Eisgruber will be available after the meeting to continue discussion.]