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CPUC Members

Spring 2017

+ denotes member of the CPUC Executive Committee
+Christopher L. Eisgruber, President, Chair

Faculty Members

+Emmanuel Abbe, Electrical Engineering/PACM
+Sigrid Adriaenssens, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bruno Carvalho, Spanish and Portuguese
Devin Fore, German
Hendrik Hartog, History
+Michael Laffan, History
Simone Marchesi, French and Italian
Nolan McCarty, WWS/Politics
Julia Mikhailova, MAE
+Eve Ostriker, Astrophysical Sciences
+Carolyn Rouse, Anthropology
+Esther Schor, English
Anna Stilz, Politics/WWS
Mark Watson, WWS/Economics
Paul Yang, Mathematics

Graduate Student Members

Noah Apthorpe, Computer Science
Amitesh Datta, Mathematics
+Mircea Davidescu, EEB
Akshay Mehra, Geosciences
Julia Reed, WWS
+Mohammad Shahrad, Electrical Engineering
David Walsh, History

Undergraduate Student Members

Michael Asparrin '19
Olivia Grah '19
+Myesha Jemison '18
Devin Kilpatrick '19
Pritika Mehra '18
+Pooja Patel '18
Lucas Ramos '19
+Miranda Rosen '18
Ellie Shannon '17
Nicholas Wu '19
Wendy Zhao '19

Administration/Staff Members

+Rochelle Calhoun, Vice President for Campus Life
Diane Cook, assistant, health promotion and prevention services, UHS [office staff]
Robert K. Durkee, vice president and secretary
Rebecca K. Friedman, assistant librarian, Marquand library [library staff]
Khristina Gonzalez, associate dean, office of the dean of the college [administrative staff]
Cynthia Keith, mechanical quality assurance coordinator [maintenance and service staffs]
Sanjeev Kulkarni, dean of the Graduate School
+David Lee, provost
+Greg Nowak, research specialist in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute [research and tech staff]
Ramona Romero, General Counsel

Staff Alternates

Ellen DiPippo, administrative coordinator, research integrity and assurance [administrative staff]
Yuan Li, scholarly communications librarian, Lewis Science Library [library staff]
Kristy Seymour, academic support, Lewis Center for the Arts [office staff]

Alumni Members

Catie Cambria '06
Jane Fleming Fransson '00
+Arlen Hastings '80
Stephanie Lett *76

Secretary to the Council

+Ann Halliday, Associate Secretary