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The Value of Attending DrupalCamp NJ 2017

Web Development Services is once again proud to be sponsoring the annual DrupalCamp NJ, a multi-day event of trainings, sessions, and mentoring that takes place on Princeton’s campus in the beginning of February. 

Drupal “camps” are typically small conferences that focus on bringing together local users of Drupal, the open source content management system that WDS uses to power nearly 200 (and growing) websites. This will be the 6th year of DrupalCamp NJ.

The annual camp here at Princeton presents a great opportunity for those interested in learning more about Drupal, to network with other Drupal users, and to help foster the growth of the local Drupal community.


The first day of the camp is on Friday, February 3rd, and contains several all-day training sessions. This year there are 5 trainings covering a range of topics. Attending a training session is great if you’re interested in a focused learning experience to kick-start your knowledge of Drupal.

Note that WDS also provides free training throughout the year for users of our "do-it-yourself" Drupal solution that focuses on how to manage your departmental site on that platform. The DrupalCamp training sessions are about Drupal generally, and not specific to the solutions that WDS offers.


Saturday, February the 5th, is the main day of the camp and revolves around hour-long sessions presented by members of the Drupal community. There are sessions for all experience levels that include topics ranging from development, theming, site building, case studies, and more.

Attending a session is a wonderful way to learn more about Drupal right from the experts that work with it every day. The sessions are diverse enough that there's something for everyone, and this year there's a big focus on Drupal 8, the latest and greatest version of the CMS.

The schedule of accepted sessions has recently been announced, so be sure to check it out to see what interests you.

Mentoring & Community

Because Drupal is an open source platform, it relies on contributions from the community to keep it thriving and growing. Thousands of people have contributed to its development and success in one way or another and the numbers continue to grow every year. DrupalCamp NJ helps foster that growth by providing a "mentoring and collaboration" day on the third and final day of the camp, Sunday, February 5th.

Those new to Drupal can expect to find a number of Drupal veterans ready to provide guidance and answer any questions you have about the content management system. This day also presents the perfect opportunity for those curious about contributing to Drupal but are unsure on how to get started.

See us there!

Many of us here at WDS will be attending the camp, either attending sessions or volunteering to help make the camp a success. The strength of the Drupal project comes from its community and with the release of Drupal 8, there will be much to hear and talk about. We’re happy to extend our support of the local community and excited for February!