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Drupal Pilot Project

The pilot has ended! What's next?

  1. We will continue to create custom websites using Drupal within the infrastructure we have set up at the University.
  2. We will work on configuring an installation profile for the University.
    (Time estimate: Now - Summer 2013)
  3. We will work on a self-service option for Drupal. This will be similar to the Roxen self-service in that you will not need specific technical skills to build a website.
    (Time estimate: Winter 2012-Fall 2013)

About the pilot

Evaluation of services is part of an information technology life-cycle, and we must ensure that our offerings meet current and emerging needs of University departments. In response to the changing landscape of web content management systems (Web CMS), OIT has conducted an approximately 8-month long Web CMS review. We've concluded that the Drupal CMS will fit most of our needs and we will proceed with a pilot of Drupal throughout the summer of 2012.

Web Development Services strives to make sure our service evolves with the changing landscape. We need to make sure our system:

  • Connects to other campus systems
  • Has mobile capabilities
  • Is stable and scalable
  • Offers the functionality needed by many departments
  • Has a strong community of support and training

By doing this pilot, we will make sure our Drupal CMS is configured in a way which meets our needs well into the future.

For more information, continue reading below and read our FAQ.

What will happen during the pilot?

  • Configure and fine tune an enterprise Drupal system designed to meet the needs of the University.
  • Evaluate and install modules. If needed, build modules.
  • Create templates.
  • Perform security audits. Create policies and best practices.
  • Evaluate training.
  • Prepare documentation and KnowledgeBase articles.
  • Work with you to determine if your website would be appropriate for the pilot.

Who will be part of the pilot?

  • Departments who feel it is time to redo their website and their needs are not met by Roxen.
  • Departments willing to be part of a new system and can tolerate some “bumps in the road”.
  • Departments willing to learn a new system.
  • When you think you are ready for a new website, contact Web Development Services.