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Getting Started

Ready for a new website? Email us to discuss the best approach and most appropriate platform.

To Request a Custom Website

The official method for requesting custom websites is through the Office of Information Technology's Interdepartmental Project Portfolio (IPP). The planning process takes place between January and February each year. For projects that are requested outside of that time frame, WDS cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your project into our project slate. Email us to discuss you website's needs.

To Request a Free Website

WDS offers 2 options: Drupal and WordPress.

Email us to discuss which option is right for you.

Before You Start...

Decide on...

  1. Who will manage the project for the department? (WDS will manage the overall project, but we’ll need someone to coordinate the work on your end.)
  2. Who is the final decision maker?
  3. Who is responsible for writing, gathering, and maintaining the website’s content?

Begin to prepare...

  1. Identify your main audience(s).
  2. List, in order of priority, your audiences needs. What are they looking for on the website?
  3. List, in order of priority, your goals for the website.
  4. Make a list of what you like and don’t like about your current website. Look at other websites and make a list of what you like about them.
  5. Inventory the information on your current website. Click on all the links – go through the entire website. Decide what information needs to stay, go, or be rewritten/reorganized.
  6. Begin to think about your main menu items and how you’ll group or categorize your information in a way that is logical to your audience (not only yourself).
  7. Begin to gather any logos, imagery, and photography.


Getting Started

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Please Contact Us so we can guide you to the correct website platform.


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Browse the Portfolio to see examples of our custom websites.