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Launching a Website Hosted by WDS

At least two weeks prior to launch, the Office of Communications will review your website to ensure that it follows University requirements and accessibility standards. Email with the alert that your new site is ready to go live. If WDS is working with you on your website, we will coordinate the website's launch for you.

Note that the Office of Communications reviews public facing sites for compliance with University requirements. If your site was designed by WDS, we will ensure that its framework complies. As the site owner, you are responsible for content. If you designed your own site, your are responsible for both its framework and content.

Launching a Website Hosted by a Third Party

Please read the Knowledge section of OIT Service Now system.

Who Should Read This Document: If you have created a website that will be hosted on servers not managed by Princeton’s Office of Information Technology and,

You want your website to be accessed via a Princeton domain name such as

-- OR --

You want browsers to be redirected from a location on Princeton’s main website ( to your website.

Then this document will provide you with basic information you will need to launch your website.

NOTE:  If your website has been built by the WDS group in OIT, then you do not need to take any of steps listed. WDS will take care of obtaining the required authorizations.

If You Have Additional Questions

If you have additional questions because the launch of your new web site is more complicated than the scenarios described above or you simply need clarifications, then please contact the OIT Help Desk (8-HELP) for more information.

Getting Started

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Please Contact Us so we can guide you to the correct website platform.


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Browse the Portfolio to see examples of our custom websites.