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WDS launches SHARE website

Web Development Services (WDS) has launched a website for Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources, and Education (SHARE). The SHARE office is a victim-centered, confidential resource on campus for the Princeton University community. It serves as a hub of resources that exists both on-campus and in the surrounding area. The website can be seen at:

WDS worked with SHARE to design a website that was easy to navigate for victims who may be in a panicked state. The design utilized SHARE’s color palate and existing logo. It also offers an “emergency exit” for those in abusive relationships that can be in danger if they are caught viewing a website geared toward helping victims. The website was designed and built by Amy Hepler and Jaspreet Longia of WDS in conjunction with Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse, Janine Mascari, and Michele Kelly of SHARE.