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No news for a while – what’s going on?

Web Development Services has been busy - too busy to write about the work we’ve done. In the past year we’ve launched several websites. The large projects have included:

Speaking of Princeton – The blog-centric website consists of fun, thoughtful, and creative posts by undergraduate students and guest bloggers as a means to tell the world about the Princeton experience and it’s fabulous students (and staff). The site was designed and built by Lee Lilly and Michael Muzzie of WDS in collaboration with Mary Buckley and Gerry Cohen of Undergraduate Admission.

Facilities – WDS worked with the Facilities department to overhaul the design and information architecture of their website.  An analysis of their target audience was conducted to understand their needs. A card sorting exercise of their services followed the analysis. We wanted to make sure the services aligned with the needs and expectations of the website’s audience. The Facilities department keeps the campus operational while undertaking major construction projects. Special attention was paid to the News, Alerts & Outages, and Project sections in order to keep the campus informed. The site was designed and developed by Joanne Tunney, and Byron Veale of WDS in collaboration with Victoria Ridge, Cynthia Suter, Chris Lillja, and Quoc Nguyen of Facilities.

University Health Services  - The new University Health Services (UHS) website focuses on guiding website visitors to the information they need as quick as possible. Emergency and Medical Services phone numbers are highly visible as well as the Make an Appointment feature and the How Can We Help quick links. Realizing that websites users may be coming to the website while they are not feeling well and want to get information as quickly as possible. The site was designed and built by Lee Lilly and Jaspreet Longia of WDS in collaboration with Janet Finnie and Janine Mascari of UHS.

Psychology – WDS worked with the Department of Psychology to redesign the website and implement it on a platform (Drupal) that made it easier for staff to update its content. Special attention was focused on the directions and maps now that the department has moved to a new location on campus with access that’s proven to be somewhat confusing to visitors.  New photography was taken and a focus on research is highlighted in the Research section of the website. The website was designed and built by Amy Hepler, Joanne Tunney, and Byron Veale of WDS in collaboration with Elizabeth Gould and James Plastine of Psychology department.