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How long does it take to get a site?

It depends on the complexity of your needs. An empty, skeletal site can be created in one or two business days, and the rest is up to you. A highly customized, complex site can take a number of months. Requests for custom sites or sites that include the use of dynamic modules for managing content are evaluated on an individual basis.

Do you provide content editing?

No. We create the framework for your site, including its design and functionality. It is up to you to enter and maintain the site's content, including text and media.

Which criteria does my site need to meet so that it can be approved by the Office of Communications and connected to the University's home page?

Web Development Services develops site frameworks that conform to University requirements for website publication, such as using an approved University logotype or shield, ensuring that your site links to the home page, and that it includes search functionality. The full set of requirements can be found at:

How do the approval and Go Live process work?

At least two weeks prior to launch, the Office of Communications will review your website to ensure that it follows University requirements and accessibility standards. Email with the alert that your new site is ready to go live. WDS will then coordinate the review and launch process, working with other groups in OIT as well as the Office of Communications.

Note that the Office of Communications reviews public facing sites for compliance with University requirements. If your site was designed by WDS, we will ensure that its framework complies. As the site owner, you are responsible for content. If you designed your own site, your are responsible for both its framework and content.

Can I continue to edit my site post launch?

Yes. We design sites for sustainability, allowing you to continue to edit content and grow your site as needed. Please ensure that as you grow your site, it continues to meet University requirements.

If a vendor built my site, can you host and support it?

We can not host or support your vendor-built site in our central system. You can request your own virtual machine from the Office of Information Technology. You will then be responsible for the maintenance, patching, support, and upgrading of your website - you lose the benefits of working with WDS!

Having trouble signing in to see a site map in SlickPlan?

To sign up for SlickPlan, first provide WDS with your email address. 

Once we've added you to a particular site map, login instructions will be sent to your email. The URL to view and edit a sitemap(s) is:

To create a new version, click the pencil icon next to the site maps' name. Change the version number and click Save Changes.