I am an Assistant Professor in the Politics Department at Princeton University. I earned my Ph.D. (2011) from Stanford University and my B.A. (2005) from UCLA, both in Political Science.

Field: American Politics

Subfields: Latino politics, race and ethnicity, religion and politics, public opinion, voter turnout.

My research and teaching interests are in American electoral politics, focusing on Latino public opinion, immigrant socialization, voter turnout using field experiments, religion and politics, and identity politics in the U.S. My current research uses surveys and geographic data to investigate contextual and institutional sources of politicized group identities. This work is complemented by field and survey experiments that test the consequences of identity appeals on voter turnout and support for public policies. A third area of my research asks how regular churchgoing and church characteristics influence policy views, group attachments, interest in politics and party identification among religious individuals in the U.S.

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Ali A. Valenzuela, Ph.D.

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