El Accionero
The Newsletter of the Puerto Rican Community at Princeton: Dec 1995

La Junta

Jose Luis Ramírez 97
32 Patton Hall
Anilu Vázquez 98
73 Blair Hall
Finance Chair
Nanette Berríos 97
217 Dod Hall

Glorimari Vargas
143 Holder
Educational Chair
Vanessa Fernández
34 Holder


Hola Accioneros. Hope you all are having a great semester and that you have all regained energies for what is to come! As the semester progresses, the cold winter gets closer, and our days seem busier and busier, let's stop to think what is of real importance in our respective lives. We often, among our daily routines, worry too much on trivial matters, and fail to grasp those aspects which make us shape our identities and above all constitute to our happiness. Although it seemed short, this semester has been full of activities which we hope you enjoyed. Make the best of your life here at Princeton, and we hope the rest of this year proves to be of great personal satisfaction and fulfillment!

A Review of this Semester’s Events ...

November was Latino Heritage Month and different
activities, from lectures by Latino speakers to cultural shows, were
planned by the Latino Heritage Month Committee in which Acción actively participated.

Sep 28- Study Break- Welcoming of incoming First Years.
Oct. 9- Salsa Party at Terrace Club featuring Lorena and her Maya Soul.
Oct 28-Nov 5 Fall Break.
Nov 9- Opening Exercises for Latino Heritage Month at the Café. Performance by Grupo Yukiyu.
Nov 17- Salsa Party-at Chancellor Green with The New York Band.
Nov 18- Discovery Day Dinner. Celebration of Puerto Rico's discovery. Professor Juan Flores lectured and typical Puerto Rican food was served.
Nov 30- Cultural Show at the Third World Center which served as closing for Latino
Heritage Month celebrations. Performance by Grupo Yukiyu.
Dec 6- Acción Board Elections.

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