The Acción Rum
(and Food) Page
No Home Page would be complete without a drinks Page. While Scotsmen may drink Scotch, Puerto Ricans enjoy Rum. Famous names such as Bacardi, Captain Morgan's, and the exquisite DON Q come from Puerto Rico, the Rum capital of the World. Should you run out of drink recipes, then the following links should keep those rum drinks coming. And because drinking on an empty stomach leads to wanton drunkenness and un-cool behavior, fill up with some food recipes. 
Da' Booze

A Rum Site
With History and interesting facts
Rum Drinks
A comprehensive listing including Piña Colada!
More Rum Drinks
What rum to use?
Directly from Puerto Rico!
Tequila Home Page
For our friends in the Chicano Caucus

Da' Food

Don Paco's Caribbean Cooking
A plethora of recipes
Comida Cubana
Hey, it tastes like Puerto Rican
Habichuelas made easy
These ain't your mamma's baked beans

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