Vital Statistics

Height: Six feet
Weight: 163 lbs. (on a good day)
Eyes: Blue/Green (depends on the light)
Hair: Light Brown
Sign: Capricorn
Waist: 32
Suit size: 40 regular
Shoe size: 10
Eyesight: contact lenses (If I don't wear 'em I crash into walls)
Martial Arts: Tae Kwan Do, Ju-jitsu, Aikido (I can kick your ass)

Likes- Media

Likes to read: Clancy, Michener, Shakespeare, Parker, King, Follett,
Likes to see: Late Show, Simpsons, Seinfeld, ER, Friends
Used to like to see: Saturday Night Live (before it sucked)
Movie that made me cry: Ace Ventura 2 (it was soo bad)
Favorite Romantic movie: Before Sunrise (I kid you not)
Favorite director: John Woo

Likes- Cultural

Likes to do: Watch a play, read a book, climb a mountain, see if he can make his Home Page even more egotistical.
Most overrated philosopher: John Hobbes
Most underrated philosophers: Beavis and Butthead (I'm not kidding!)
2nd most underrated philospher: Jesus Christ (who by the way has his own Web Page- check it out!!)


Will marry a woman with: Good looks, brains, dancing abiltiy, sense of humor (and money)
Does not like in a woman: Plain looks, plasticity of personality, two-left-feet, and humorlessness. (together, I mean)
Attractive Qualities (In me): Can dance, can listen, can make you laugh, drinks moderately, will respect you for your mind, will let you tickle me, and will kick ass on demand.
Looks vs. body: Tough one. For the sake of the children, looks.
Dominating or acquiescent?: Dominating
Brown eyes of blue eyes?: I likes them baby blues, man.
Hillary Clinton or Phyllis Schaffly?: Phyllis gets the thumbs down.

Tito on Tito

Word that best describes me: Modest
Role Model:Cross between
Quotable quote: I like to go shopping (I actually said this to a girl, and in all seriousness too)
Cheesiest pick up line I ever heard: Are you looking for someone? (as said by Fernando Joglar, Class of 1994 to an unidentified woman in Cancun, Mexico)

Likes- Politics

Pet peeves:Abortion bannin', protectionist sloganeerin', tool-of-the-rich, Newt worshipin', immigrant bashin', gun proliferatin', throw the poor into the street, race baitin', good-ole-boy, cousin marryin', let's fight the Civil War all over again (only southerners), Republican troglodytes.
Prefers: Welfare pushin', taxin' and spendin', military downsizin', anti intolerance, pro-choicin', multicultural, responsible government, environmental, New Deal is a Good Deal, ACLU card carryin', let's kick some Republican butt, peace lovin' Democrats.
My Hero: Bill Clinton

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