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lead face unionism pork farm country music and yankee pride record number of japanese be move to the industrial turn weed-filled lot into automobile plant and bring sushi and shabu shabu to small-town face unionism pork farm country music and yankee pride record number of japanese be move to the industrial turn weed-filled lot into automobile plant and bring sushi and shabu shabu to small-town they be well-traveled executive from or settle in hamlet to avoid big-city crime scatter to avoid be clannish march in local parade or give to the way to win over the curious and the skeptical they be transform life in town where an exotic meal use to mean carry-out pizza in japanese restaurant now under construction will start serve before the plant even make its first car in near the plant in new japanese grocery sell item range from toast seaweed to frozen eel and here in the heart of automobile country along the rust row of smokestack and steel mill between and plant be be complete and karaoke bar just open there group of engineer get onstage the other night and sing in japanese now about japanese national be on temporary business assignment in the nearly twice the number decade ago accord to the japanese consulate in many more be expect to join them as automobile plant start construction in and as japanese concern supply anything from car seat to dashboard set up office near exist automobile plant there be about japanese national in southeastern and their number be increase so rapidly that service for them can barely keep up with demand at the local school where japanese child study to keep up with the curriculum in enrollment double to more than in the last year daily nonstop flight between and will begin in and monthly japanese newspaper start here last if the presence of the japanese seem paradox now it be nearly inconceivable few year ago when the region be freeze by recession and plant closing think by some to be fuel by the aggressiveness of the japanese automobile maker although there be still pocket of resentment most people in the automobile belt be do their good to be neighborly never be the irony more apparent than at the ground-breaking for the plant here in the of bow before japanese altar local high school band struggle through the japanese anthem and priest bless the site where an abandon plant would become factory now business be feverish at japanese video and grocery store in suburb the owner barely have room for another samurai movie he already stock frozen squid and octopus kind of tofu shelf of soy sauce and videotape range from to you too can at the each day offer new cultural puzzle as newly arrive japanese make their way around the industrial since the japanese be use to full service at gas station self-service sign can get confusing we just wait and wait and wait at the pump say manager at japanese mother accustom to department store in where sitter take care of customer child while they shop look all over for the nursery at american store she think she finally find the right place the other day she take her child to the service counter at where clerk say they do not take care of child but would be happy to refund defective merchandise there be so many difference that local university start class last month to teach new arrival when and how to give toast or how to choose among salad dressing at restaurant what particularly bewilder japanese businessman be how to chitchat at the cocktail party they have to attend here if they be ask question they can answer it say who teach the class at but they ca not think of any topic to keep the conversation go it be excruciate we tell them they can talk about their job in superficial kind of way or they can talk about hobby the food the weather or how they like their big fear be crime and they usually live outside the major city to avoid it most still remember beat to death year ago in by laid-off automobile worker who think he be japanese trepidation about now japanese man be warn never to wear business suit in because they might be identify as japanese auto executive but even in leisure wear new arrival say they rarely go into the city go into be little scary say who move near flat month ago with her husband worker it be the first time ever see bar on window the japanese also worry about image and they scatter themselves across the region to avoid appear insular they be very cautious not to form japanese settlement say of where the plant be be build they work very hard to blend in and not be problem yield strange paradox japanese wife be learn to cook lasagna in an english class and japanese kindergartener who know no somehow can pronounce perfectly the current wave of japanese national be almost alien to the previous generation of immigrant who settle in the city year ago and set up store and restaurant or go into the profession they be very different from the glossy japanese come in now say professor of japanese literature at the of the current influx come with lot more money and large number be settle in the suburb they travel in the same business circle and can meet one another here in way that be virtually impossible in it seem that every japanese executive in southeastern stop in at the new karaoke bar for little bourbon or sake friends at bar at the bar last weekend engineer run into old friend and co-worker whom he have not see in year have no idea what have happen to him say who leave to start supplier company japanese executive be hang out in neighborhood that be the antithesis of japanese culture move into the middle of semirural union country where people like real beer four-by-four truck and music be town down on its luck and lose industry when choose the site the town big business foundry close in and resident convince themselves year ago that the problem be the japanese import we ca not satisfy everybody say general manager for corporate planning at the plant in we be here that be fact and we be stay here to show their good intention last year official give the flat sedan and have employee in yellow t-shirt march in the town anniversary parade the parade be lead by police car resident say animosity toward japanese automobile maker be not as pronounced as it once be but some people have yet to reconcile their relief that more business be come with their resentment over outsider be the savior people like the way it be say owner of novelty shop here it would not matter if the people be hungarian they be newcomer to and people be skeptical the japanese have win over clerk at supermarket near the plant mrs drag reluctant co-worker to the karaoke bar the other night to see how the japanese have good time instead she get into debate over the newcomer we be get more and more japanese product at the store she say we get the chopstick we get the rice we get the soy sauce think it be very exciting the co-worker shake her head say she do not trust them after and besides they do not speak the language mrs would not be sway as foreigner go they be very gracious people she insist never have anybody bow to me before for help them find the soy sauce
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