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Ænima (pronounced /ˈɒnɪmə/[3]) is the second studio album by American progressive metal band Tool. The album was released on September 17, 1996 in vinyl format and on October 1, 1996 in Compact Disc format.[1][2][4] The album was recorded and cut at Ocean Way, Hollywood, California and The Hook, North Hollywood, California from 1995 to 1996. On its initial release, the album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart, and has since been certified triple platinum by the RIAA on March 4, 2003.[5] As of July, 7, 2010, Ænima has sold 3,429,000 copies in the US.

The album appeared on several lists of the best albums of 1996,[6] including that of Kerrang![7] and Terrorizer.[8] The album won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1998.[9]



The title Ænima is a combination of the words 'anima' (Latin for 'soul' associated with the ideas of "life force" and a term often used by psychologist Carl Jung) and 'enema' the medical procedure.[10]

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