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10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 is an album by Midnight Oil that was released on vinyl in 1982 under the Columbia Records label. The lengthy name is often pronounced "ten-to-one" or "ten-nine-eight" by fans.[citation needed] It is notable for staying on the Australian album charts for over 100 weeks.[citation needed] The album's closing track "Somebody's trying to tell me something" contains a note held by the group for what seems like an eternity, which would continue into the album's runout groove, and emulated on the CD version for just over 40 seconds. This is an approximation of a locked groove, a gimmick used a number of times on vinyl albums (such as Diamond Dogs and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) where the ending sound would continue into the runout groove, with which the sound would continue on until the turntable arm was lifted off, or the automatic return on some turntables would kick-in.

Track listing


1978: "Run by Night"  • 1981: "Don't Wanna Be the One"  • "Armistice Day"  • 1982: "Power and the Passion"  • "Read About It"  • "US Forces"  • 1986: "The Dead Heart"  • 1987: "Beds Are Burning"  • " Put Down that Weapon"  • 1988: "Dreamworld"  • 1990: "Blue Sky Mine"  • "Forgotten Years"  • "King of the Mountain"  • "Bedlam Bridge"  • "One Country"  • 1992: "Sometimes"  • 1993: "Truganini"  • "My Country"  • "In the Valley"  • "Drums of Heaven"  • "Outbreak of Love"  • 1996: "Underwater"  • "Surf's Up Tonight"  • 1998: "Redneck Wonderland"  • "White Skin Black Heart"  • "Cemetery In My Mind"  • 2000: "The Real Thing" 2002: "Golden Age"

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