10th millennium BC

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The 10th millennium BC marks the beginning of the Mesolithic and Epipaleolithic period, which is the first part of the Holocene epoch. Agriculture, based on the cultivation of primitive forms of millet and rice, occurred in Southwest Asia.[1] Although agriculture was being developed in the Fertile Crescent, it would not be widely practised for another 2,000 years.[citation needed].

The world population is estimated as between one and ten million people,[2] most of whom were hunter-gatherer communities scattered over all continents except Antarctica and Zealandia. The Würm glaciation ended, and the beginning interglacial, which endures to this day, allowed the re-settlement of northern regions. The most recent glacial ended c. 10,000 BC, and the world entered a period of global warming.



before Homo (Pliocene)




  • c. 10,000 BC; First cave drawings of the Mesolithic period are made, with war scenes and religious scenes, beginnings of what became story telling, and metamorphosed into acting.
  • c. 10,000 BC; Bottle Gourd is domesticated and used as a carrying vessel.
  • c. 10,000 BC; end of the most recent glaciation.
  • c. 9500 BC; There is evidence of harvesting, though not necessarily cultivation, of wild grasses in Asia Minor about this time. This date has been advanced to the 20somethingth millennium BC more recently; apparently then already food grains were sown though not cultivated -->
  • c. 9500 BC; First building phase of the temple complex at Göbekli Tepe.
  • c. 9300 BC; figs were apparently cultivated in the Jordan River valley.[3]
  • c. 9000 BC; Neolithic culture began in Ancient Near East.
  • c. 9000 BC: Near East: First stone structures at Jericho are built.

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