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The 1994 Group is a coalition of 19 top "smaller research-intensive universities" in the United Kingdom founded in 1994 to defend their interests following the creation of the Russell Group by larger research-intensive universities earlier that year. The 1994 Group represents nineteen of the UK’s leading research-intensive universities, including many of those founded in the 1960s; around half of the top twenty universities in UK national newspaper league tables are 1994 Group members.

The 1994 Group members describe themselves as "internationally recognised universities in Britain, who share common aims, standards and values".

The group states that it is "established to promote excellence in research and teaching. To enhance student and staff experience within our universities and to set the agenda for higher education".[1] Its aim is to provide "a central vehicle to help members promote their common interests in higher education, respond efficiently to key policy issues, and share best methods and practice".[2] The million+ membership group, the University Alliance and the Russell Group are its fellow university membership groups across the higher education sector.


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