2/1 game forcing

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2/1 game forcing (Two-over-one game forcing) is a bidding system in modern contract bridge in which, after a one-level opening bid, a non-jump response in a new suit at the two level commits the partnership to bidding at least game.


Normal 2/1 game forcing auctions

The 2/1 auctions are 1–2♣, 1–2, 1♠–2♣, 1♠–2, and 1♠–2. Hands without an opening bid (generally 12+ high card points) are required to respond 1NT to 1♠, or to 1 if they lack 4 spades.

Exceptions to 2/1 game force

Some pairs don't play that 1–2♣ is game forcing, although some do. Also, 2/1 game forcing doesn't apply to a passed hand, or if there is an intervening bid or double by an opponent. Some pairs play that 2/1 isn't absolutely game forcing; the pair can stop below game only when responder rebids his suit. For example, 1–2♣; 2–3♣ is treated as nonforcing by some 2/1 players. A regular partnership should discuss this possibility.

1NT response forcing or semi-forcing for one round

Because the two-level responses are stronger than in Standard American bidding, the response of 1NT to 1 or 1♠ opening is forcing for one round and is used (among other things) for weaker hands containing low-ranking suits. Since the 1NT response is forcing, hands with a three-card limit raise can start with 1NT and later jump-support partner. See Forcing notrump for additional details. Some pairs play a variant in which the 1NT response to 1 or 1♠ is semi-forcing.

Other 2/1 features

Use of the 2/1 system usually implies (at least) the following additional agreements:

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