2002 Mombasa attacks

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Coordinates: 4°03′00″S 39°39′58″E / 4.05°S 39.666°E / -4.05; 39.666

The 2002 Mombasa attacks refer to an Israeli-owned hotel and a plane belonging to an Israeli airline in Mombasa, Kenya that were targeted on 28 November 2002. A red all-terrain vehicle crashed through a barrier outside the Paradise Hotel and blew up when it hit the lobby. Also two surface-to-air missiles were fired at an Israeli charter plane, but they missed. Mombasa, on Kenya's Indian Ocean coast, is a popular destination for foreign visitors and the hotel was frequented mainly by Israeli tourists.[1] Paradise Hotel was the only Israeli-owned hotel in the Mombasa area.[2]


The attacks

Hotel bombing

The blast occurred just after some 60 visitors had checked into the hotel, all of them from Israel, hotel officials said. 13 were killed and 80 injured . Nine Kenyans died, most of whom were said to be traditional dancers who came to welcome the 140 guests arriving from Israel by state-chartered jet and three Israelis, two of whom were children. In an overnight operation that went on into the early hours, four Israeli military Hercules planes with teams of doctors and psychologists flew into Mombasa and evacuated injured Israeli tourists and all those who wanted to leave.[1]

Plane attack

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