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500, Five Hundred, is a game devised in America shortly before 1900 and promoted by the United States Playing Card Company, who copyrighted and marketed the rules in 1904[1]. The game of 500 has been characterised as a "patchwork" or "mosaic" game, but such expressions do not do it justice[citation needed]. Though usually played by four in partnerships, the game is primarily for three players [2], although it's also excellent for five. The game is definitely not[citation needed] a variation of Euchre, but an extension of it[3] which incorporates the basic principles of Bridge.



500 has always been considered as a social card game and was highly popular in the United States until about 1920 when Auction bridge surpassed it. Subsequently, Contract Bridge drove it out of favour in America[4], but it has since become the national card game of Australia. It is very popular in New Zealand as well, and also widely played in French Canada.

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