600 series connector

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A 600 series connector is an obsolete three-pin connector with up to six conductors.

It was for many years the standard telephone service (POTS) connector in Australia, but has now been replaced by the six position modular connector in this application. As of 2008 a large installed base remained and a large variety of connectors, adapters and equipment such as ADSL filters were still in production and readily available.

It has no other common or standard use, either within Australia or beyond. However it is manufactured in many other countries, particularly in Asia, for export to Australia.

The 600 series plug has up to three flat pins plus a non-conducting spigot. Each pin carries up to two conductors by means of two contacts, one on each side of the pin. The pin bodies are of non-conductive material.



The original series 600 plugs and sockets were designed to be equally suitable for fixed wall mounting or for use on flexible cords. Such connectors are still available, but specialised fixed and line versions also exist.

605 plug

Standard three pin six conductor. Often now replaced by a modular 6P2C connector and an adaptor; In particular, this combination is now the most common connector supplied with new equipment in Australia.

The non-conducting spigot of the original 605 plug was provided with a hole for a countersunk screw, allowing the plug to be fixed in a wall-mounted socket. Removal then required first removing the socket cover, to allow this retaining screw to be removed. In this way a semi-permanent connection, requiring tools for disconnection, could be achieved.

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