A. Bartlett Giamatti

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Angelo Bartlett "Bart" Giamatti (pronounced /dʒiːəˈmɑːti/; April 4, 1938–September 1, 1989) was the President of Yale University, and later, the seventh Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Giamatti agreed to the deal that terminated the Pete Rose betting scandal by permitting Rose to voluntarily withdraw from the sport, avoiding further punishment.


Personal life

Giamatti was born in Boston and grew up in South Hadley, Massachusetts. His father, Valentine John Giamatti, was chairman of the Department of Italian Language and Literature at Mount Holyoke College. Giamatti's mother, Mary Claybaugh Walton (Smith College '35), was the daughter of Bartlett and Helen (Davidson) Walton of Wakefield, Massachusetts. His maternal grandfather graduated from Phillips Academy Andover and Harvard College. His paternal grandfather, Angelo Giammattei [sic], immigrated from Italy through Ellis Island around 1900.

Giamatti attended South Hadley High School, spent his junior year at the Overseas School of Rome, and graduated from Phillips Academy in 1956. At Yale University, he was a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon (Phi chapter), and as a junior was tapped by Scroll and Key, a senior secret society. He graduated magna cum laude in 1960. That same year, he married Toni Smith, who taught English for more than 20 years at the Hopkins School in New Haven, Connecticut until her death in 2004.[1] Together the couple have three children: sons Paul and Marcus are Hollywood actors, and daughter Elena is a jewelry designer. In the film Sideways, a photograph of the younger Miles Raymond (played by his son Paul) with his late father is really a picture of Paul and Bart Giamatti.

Giamatti's friend and successor as Baseball Commissioner, Fay Vincent, wrote in The Last Commissioner that Giamatti's official religious view was agnosticism.

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