A Nice Place to Visit

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Larry Blyden (Rocky Valentine)
Sebastian Cabot (Pip)
Sandra Warner (uncredited)

"A Nice Place to Visit" is an episode of the American Television anthology series The Twilight Zone and aired on CBS on April 15, 1960. The title comes from the saying, "A nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."

In 1965, a slightly modified version of this story was broadcast on the radio program Theater Five.[citation needed] The episode, "The Land of Milk and Honey", retained all of the important aspects of this episode, including the innuendos and the surprise ending.



Henry "Rocky" Valentine is robbing a pawnshop. He shoots a night watchman, and then a policeman, but before he can get away he is shot by another police officer.

He wakes up to find himself seemingly unharmed by the encounter. He is in the company of a pleasant individual named "Pip" who tells Rocky he is his guide and has been instructed to grant Rocky whatever he desires. Rocky is suspicious, having never received anything for free in his life. He believes Pip is trying to con him, and asks Pip, "Are you a cop?" Pip proceeds to quote personal information about Rocky's tastes and hobbies from a notebook. Irritated by the information Pip quotes about him he demands that Pip give him his wallet. Pip obligingly gives Rocky a large amount of money and is willing to give him as much as he desires. Rocky believes Pip wants him to do some sort of robbery or crime on his behalf and that the money is an incentive. He holds Pip at gunpoint, following him to a luxurious apartment that Pip claims is Rocky's place.

Demanding to know what he must do to acquire all this luxury, Rocky remains skeptical when he is told it's all free. Despite his suspicions, Rocky begins to relax, changing his clothes and taking a shower, after which he is presented with a meal served on a silver platter. He suddenly becomes suspicious and demands Pip taste the food, believing it to be poisoned. When Pip claims he can't remember how to eat, Rocky shoots him in the head but finds the bullets just bounce off, leaving Pip unharmed. Rocky now realizes he is dead and immediately assumes he has died and gone to Heaven and Pip must be his guardian angel. Pip replies: "Yes, something like that."

Later, we see Rocky in a casino, surrounded by beautiful girls and winning every game he plays. Outside he sees a tall policeman and is able to make him smaller and thus pick on him. He returns fully contented to his apartment with Pip and the "dolls" (as Rocky refers to them), and asks to see some of his former friends who have died. He is told by Pip that this will be difficult, as this "paradise" is his own private world, and none of the people are real except for them. Rocky becomes curious as to why he was allowed into Heaven. "I must have done something good that made up for all the other stuff. But what? What did I ever do that was good?" With Pip, he visits the "hall of records", but it merely contains a list of all his sins. Rocky is puzzled but he decides that if God is OK with him being there, then he needn't bother worrying.

Soon, however, after a month, he becomes so thoroughly bored by always having his whims satisfied and predictably winning at anything he attempts, he tells Pip "If I stay one more day, I'm going to go nuts! I don't belong in Heaven, see? I want to go to the other place". Pip retorts, "Heaven, Mr. Valentine? Whatever gave you the idea that you were in Heaven? This is the other place!!" Pip begins to laugh as Rocky unsuccessfully tries to escape his paradise.

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