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Aedui, Haedui or Hedui (Ancient Greek: Αἰδούοι), were a Gallic people of Gallia Lugdunensis, who inhabited the country between the Arar (Saône) and Liger (Loire), in today's France. Their territory thus included the greater part of the modern departments of Saône-et-Loire, Côte-d'Or and Nièvre.



The country of the Aedui is defined by reports of them in the ancient writers. The upper Loire formed their western border,[1] separating them from the Bituriges. The Saône formed their eastern border, separating them from the Sequani.[2] The Sequani did not reside in the region of the confluence of the Doubs into the Saône and of the latter into the Rhône, as Caesar says that the Helvetii, following the pass between the Jura Mountains and the Rhône southwards, which belonged to the Sequani, plundered the territory of the Aedui.[3] These circumstances explain an apparent contradiction in Strabo, who in one sentence says that the Aedui lived between the Saône and the Doubs, and in the next, that the Sequani lived across the Saône (eastward).[4] Both statements are true, the first in the south, and the second to the north.


According to Livy (v. 34), they took part in the expedition of Bellovesus into Italy in the 6th century BC.

Before Caesar's time they had attached themselves to the Romans, and were honoured with the title of brothers and kinsmen of the Roman people[citation needed]. When the Sequani, their neighbours on the other side of the Arar, with whom they were continually warring with, invaded their country and subjugated them with the assistance of a Germanic chieftain named Ariovistus, the Aedui sent Diviciacus, the druid, to Rome to appeal to the senate for help, but his mission was unsuccessful[citation needed].

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