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Aimaq dialect of Persian

Sunni Islam

Tajiks, Hazara, Ferozkohi, Mongols

Aymāq (Persian: ایماق), also transliterated as Aimak or Aimaq, are a collection of Persian-speaking nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes of mixed Mongolian and Iranian stock. They are found throughout the north and northwest highlands of Afghanistan, immediately to the north of Herat, and in the Khorasan Province of Iran.[2] They speak a number of subdialects of the Aimaq dialect of Persian.

Aimaks are closely related to Tajiks and Hazara in varying degrees. In the Afghan census, Aimaks are classified as Tajiks.[3] Aimaks live in parts of western and central Afghanistan, making up the majority in Ghor, and also live in large numbers in the western areas of Herat and Badghis, and to a lesser extent in Farah, Faryab, Jowzjan, and Sar-e Pol. "Aymāq" is Mongolian for tribe (see Aimag).

They were originally known as chahar, or the four Eimaks, the Taimani are the main element in the population of Ghor), the Ferozkohi, the Temuri, and the Jamshidi.

Estimates of the Aimaq population vary between 250,000 and 2 million. They are Sunni Muslims, in contrast to the Hazara, who are Shiahs. The Temori Aimaqs are of Mongolian origin, apparent in their physical appearance and their housing (Mongolian-style yurts).[4] However, the Taimanis, Ferozkohis, and Jamshidis are of Indo-Iranian origins and refer to themselves as Hazara and the majority of the Aimaqs in Afghanistan are from these three sub-groups..

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  • Macgregor, Central Asia, (Calcutta, 1871)

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