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Al McCoy (born April 26, 1933), sometimes nicknamed as The Voice Of The Suns, has been the radio broadcast announcer of Phoenix Suns NBA basketball games since 1972 [1] which makes him the longest tenured broadcaster in the NBA. In his entire tenure he has missed only one game due to illness [December 31, 2005 at the Chicago Bulls]. However, there will be recent changes that make him suggest missing a couple of games during the regular season.

McCoy is a resident of Arizona but a native of Williams, Iowa, born April 26, 1933. He is a graduate of Drake University.


Career highlights

Al McCoy's first job in radio was at KJFJ in Webster City, Iowa. He later worked for three years at WHO (AM) in Des Moines[1], and he is still a frequent guest on "Two Guys Named Jim,"[2] a sports-talk show on WHO.

Prior to joining the Suns on September 27, 1972 McCoy was the broadcaster for the Triple-A Phoenix Giants baseball club and "One of the Good Guys," a DJ on KRUX 1360 AM. McCoy was also the weekend television play-by-play man for the Arizona Diamondbacks during the club's first season in 1998. He worked with Joe Garagiola.

McCoy was actually present at U.S. Airways Center for the aforementioned 2005 game he missed due to illness, hosting the "Suns Warmup" pregame radio show, "Suns Report" postgame show, as well as some analysis prior to the second half. Play-by-play for the radio broadcast was a feed of the KUTP (UPN 45) audio featuring Tom Leander and Eddie Johnson. Suns flagship radio station KTAR used radio commercials to cover the audio during commercials.

McCoy was on hand to cover the unforgettable Game 5 of the 1976 NBA Finals in which Garfield Heard made the game-tying basket that sent the game into triple overtime.


His famous phrases include Shazam! every time a player makes a 3 point shot and Heartbreak Hotel! whenever a player misses a shot by little or the Suns lose a very close game.

For example "Shazam! A Bell Ringer from Raja Bell!" was a common phrase that McCoy expressed every time Raja Bell (later traded by the Suns to the Charlotte Bobcats and is now playing for the Utah Jazz) made a 3-point shot.

Other catch phrases include "Wham Bam Slam" or "Whammo" when a player slams the ball and "Zing go the strings" or "Swish-a-roo for two" (or just "swish-a-roo") when they swish a shot.

He also has nicknames for individual players such as The Nash Rambler for Steve Nash, Captain Kidd for former Suns Captain Jason Kidd and the Matrix for now-former Sun and current Dallas Mavericks player Shawn Marion (although the origin of that nickname is generally attributed to former NBA player and TNT analyst Kenny Smith, not McCoy).

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