Alenia Aermacchi

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Alenia Aermacchi is a company designing and producing trainer aircraft for military pilots.



Alenia Aermacchi has sold about 2,000 trainers to more than 40 countries and has collaborated in major international military programs.

In July 2003, Alenia Aermacchi was integrated into the Finmeccanica Group, which increased its shareholding to 99%. The company's facilities are located at Venegono Superiore (Varese province). Its workforce totals about 1,800 and its plants occupy an area of 274,000 m². Facilities include laboratories and workshops for structural tests and a wind and a water tunnel in addition to an airfield for flight test activities.

Military trainers

Since the beginning, the design and production of military trainers have been Alenia Aermacchi's core business.

The products include:

  • SF-260, piston-engined or turboprop-powered screener/primary trainer
  • MB-326, turbofan engined trainer and light attack aircraft
  • M-311, basic turbofan trainer
  • MB-339CD, advanced and lead-in fighter trainer
  • M-346, advanced and lead-in fighter trainer of the new generation

Military collaboration

Alenia Aermacchi has cooperated in international military programs:

Alenia Aermacchi takes part in the AMX program with Alenia Aeronautica and Embraer of Brazil with a total share of 24%. Alenia Aermacchi develops and manufactures the fuselage forward and rear sections and installs some avionic equipment in the aircraft. A Mid-Life Updating program is required by the Italian Air Force to upgrade the aircraft capabilities.

Alenia Aermacchi designs and produces wing pylons and wing tips, roots, trailing edges and flaps, which represent a 5% share in the overall program.

Alenia Aermacchi has a share, exceeding 4% in, for the design and development of wing pylons, twin missile and twin store carriers, ECM pods, carbon fiber structures and titanium engine cowlings.

After participating in the G-222 transport aircraft program, the company is involved in the new Military Transport Aircraft C-27J Spartan, for the production of outer wings.

Civil programs

Since the mid-1990s, Alenia Aermacchi has participated in programs for the supply of engine nacelles for civil aircraft. It produces cold parts for engine nacelles: inlets, fan cowls and EBU, the systems-to-engine interface.

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