All This, and Heaven Too

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All This, and Heaven Too is a 1940 drama film made by Warner Bros.-First National Pictures, produced and directed by Anatole Litvak with Hal B. Wallis as executive producer. The screenplay was adapted by Casey Robinson from the novel by Rachel Field. The music was by Max Steiner and the cinematography by Ernie Haller.

The film stars Bette Davis and Charles Boyer with Barbara O'Neil, Jeffrey Lynn, Virginia Weidler, Helen Westley, Walter Hampden, Henry Daniell, Harry Davenport, George Coulouris, Montagu Love, Janet Beecher and June Lockhart.

Rachel Field's novel is based on actual persons and events.


Plot synopsis

The film tells the story of Henriette Deluzy-Desportes (Bette Davis). When Mademoiselle Deluzy-Desportes starts teaching at a girls school, she is confronted with tales and gossip about her, which have become common knowledge among her students. Provoked by her students, she decides to tell them her life story.

Mademoiselle Deluzy-Desportes once was governess to the four children of the Duc de Praslin (Charles Boyer) and his wife, the Duchesse de Praslin (Barbara O'Neil) in the last years of the Orleans monarchy. As a result of the Duchesse's constantly erratic and temperamental behavior, all that remains is an unhappy marriage. However, Duc de Praslin stays with his wife because of their children.

Through her warmth and kindness, Henriette wins the love and affection of the children as well as Duc de Praslin - and the jealousy and hatred of the Duchesse de Praslin. When the Duchess is mysteriously murdered, Duc the Praslin and Henriette become the main suspects in the murder.


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