Allegheny River

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The Allegheny River (pronounced /ælɨˈɡeɪni/) is a principal tributary of the Ohio River; it is located in the Eastern United States. The Allegheny River joins with the Monongahela River to form the Ohio River at the "Point" of Point State Park in Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Allegheny River is, by volume, the main headstream of the Ohio River, and therefore, of the entire Mississippi River system.



The river is approximately 325 miles (523 km) long, running through the U.S. states of New York and Pennsylvania.[2] It drains a rural dissected plateau of 11,580 square miles (30,000 km2) in the northern Allegheny Plateau, providing the northeastern most drainage in the watershed of the Mississippi River. Its tributaries reach to within 8 miles (13 km) of Lake Erie in southwestern New York.

The Allegheny Valley has been one of the most productive areas of energy extraction in U.S. history, with its extensive deposits of coal, petroleum, and natural gas.


The word Allegheny comes from the Lenape (Delaware) Indians. Although it is usually translated as "fine river" or "beautiful river," the meaning is not definitively known. There is a Lenape legend of a tribe called "Allegewi" who used to live along the river.

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