Almería (province)

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Almería is a province of the Autonomous Community of Andalucia, Spain. It is bordered by the provinces of Granada, Murcia, and the Mediterranean Sea. Its capital is Almería.

Its area is 8,769 km². Its population is 546,499 (2002) with a density of 62.32/km². It contains 101 municipalities.



Europe's only desert is found in Almería[citation needed], and is part of the National Park of Sierra Nevada (in the Sierra Nevada mountain range), which it shares with Granada province.

The desert landscape and climate that characterizes part of the province have made it an ideal setting for Western films, especially during the 1960s. Because of the demand for these locations, quite a number of Western towns were built near the [1] Desert of Tabernas]. Films such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and A Fistful of Dollars were shot here. Years later the film of 800 Bullets was filmed in the same place. Large sections of Lawrence of Arabia and Patton were shot there as well.

The principal river is the Rio Andarax (Andarax River), which is located near Granada in the Alpujarras. The Beninar reservoir, located near Darrical, provides part of the water needed in the production in greenhouses.[citation needed]


Interesting and unique species of animals native to the Alto Almanzora are in the process of extinction.[citation needed]

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