Almohad dynasty

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The Almohad Dynasty (Berber: Imweḥḥden, from Arabic الموحدون al-Muwahhidun, i.e., "the monotheists" or "the Unitarians"), was a Berber, Muslim dynasty that was founded in the 12th century, which established a Berber state in Tinmel in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco about 1120[1], then conquered most of northern Africa as far as Libya, together with Al-Andalus (Moorish Iberia, now southern Spain and Portugal).

Between 1130 and his death in 1163, Abd al-Mu'min al-Kumi defeated the ruling Almoravids and extended his power over all northern Africa as far as Libya becoming Emir of Marrakesh in 1149.

Al-Andalus, Moorish Iberia, followed the fate of Africa, and in 1170 the Almohads transferred their capital to Seville. However, by 1212 Muhammad III, "al-Nasir" (1199–1214) was defeated by an alliance of the four Christian princes of Castile, Aragón, Navarre and Portugal, at the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa in the Sierra Morena. The battle destroyed Almohad dominance. Nearly all of the Moorish dominions in Iberia were lost soon after, with the great Moorish cities of Córdoba and Seville falling to the Christians in 1236 and 1248 respectively.

The Almohads continued to rule in Africa until the piecemeal loss of territory through the revolt of tribes and districts enabled their most effective enemies, the Marinids in 1215. The last representative of the line, Idris II, "El Wathiq"' was reduced to the possession of Marrakesh, where he was murdered by a slave in 1269.

Today the holy place and the tomb of the Almohads are present in Morocco, as is the tomb of their rivals and enemies the Almoravids.


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