Alumni Athletic Club

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Asociación Alumni, usually just Alumni, is a rugby union and former Association football sports club from the Belgrano district of Buenos Aires in Argentina. The club was founded in 1891, with the name Buenos Aires English High School changing their name to Alumni Athletic Club in 1901. The club disbanded in 1911 then reformed in 1951 as a Rugby union club.

Since then, Alumni have played at the highest level of Argentinian rugby and their rivalry with Belgrano Athletic Club is one of the fiercest local derbies in Buenos Aires.



The club were the most successful teams in the amateur era of Argentine football, winning 10 of the 14 league championships they contested.

Alumni played a local derby with Belgrano Athletic Club, the local rivals dominated Argentine football for more than a decade. The two clubs won all 13 league championships contested between 1899 and 1911.

Alumni participated in the inaugural Association Football League (AAFL) league in 1893, and played again in 1895 and 1900, under the name English High School. In 1901 they changed their name to Alumni, they continued to play in the league until the club were disbanded in 1911.

The club were disbanded for two main reasons, the first was the shortage of players caused by the fact that they rarely allowed players from outside the institution of the English High School. The second main reason was that the club was losing a lot of money and it seemed unlikely that they could fulfil their fixtures for 1912.




Primera División statistics

  • 1893 - 4th of 5 teams.
  • 1895 - 6th out of 6 teams
  • 1900 - Champions (changed name to Alumni)
  • 1901 - Champions
  • 1902 - Champions
  • 1903 - Champions
  • 1904 - 2nd of 6 teams
  • 1905 - Champions
  • 1906 - Champions
  • 1907 - Champions
  • 1908 - 2nd of 10 teams
  • 1909 - Champions
  • 1910 - Champions
  • 1911 - Champions (disbanded)

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