An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945

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An Eye for an Eye: The Untold Story of Jewish Revenge Against Germans in 1945 (ISBN 978-0465042142) is a book by John Sack, arguing that some Jews in Eastern Europe took revenge on their former captors while overseeing over 1,000 concentration camps in Poland for German civilians. Sack estimates that 60,000 to 80,000 people died in these camps.

According to The New Republic's review of the book, which uses information from Sack's endnotes, most of the people working in these camps were not Jewish, which the reviewer argues that Sack did his best to conceal. Sack, claiming the criticism was demonstrably untrue, attempted to publish his response in a letter to the editor of The New Republic, which the magazine refused to run.[citation needed] He then asked to purchase an ad. The New Republic agreed to publish one, but later reversed its position.[citation needed]

In 1993, the CBS News program 60 Minutes ran a story on the book, focusing on one of its main characters, Solomon Morel, the commandant of the Zgoda labour camp. Following the book's publication, Morel was indicted by Polish courts for crimes against humanity. He fled to Tel Aviv and was granted sanctuary under the Law of Return. Israeli courts refused extradition to stand trial for war crimes, as reported in the Daily Telegraph newspaper of London, on 2 January 2005, recalling an Associated Press wire of 7 December 1998 (5:26 PM EST). Another person who appears in the book is Lola Potok Ackerfeld Blatt (b. 1921).

Following the publication of this book, its author, himself a Jew, was accused of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial by Deborah Lipstadt on the Charlie Rose show, as he describes in his speech "Revenge and Redemption", given to the National Press Club and at various universities in North America.

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  • John Sack: Auge um Auge. Die Geschichte von Juden die Rache für den Holocaust suchten. Kabel, Hamburg: Kabel, 1993, ISBN 3822503398 (German translation)
  • Alfred de Zayas: Die Anglo-Amerikaner und die Vertreibung der Deutschen. Frankfurt am Main: Ullstein, 1988, ISBN 3548330991.

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