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The Angara River (Russian: Ангара́) is a 1,779 kilometers (1,105 mi) long river in Irkutsk Oblast and Krasnoyarsk Krai, south-east Siberia, Russia. It is the only river flowing out of Lake Baikal, and is a headwater of the Yenisei River.[1]

Leaving Lake Baikal near the settlement of Listvyanka (at 51°52′01″N 104°49′05″E / 51.867°N 104.818°E / 51.867; 104.818), the Angara flows north past the Irkutsk Oblast's cities of Irkutsk, Angarsk, Bratsk, and Ust-Ilimsk. It then turns west, enters the Krasnoyarsk Krai, and falls into the Yenisei near Strelka (at 58°06′07″N 92°59′28″E / 58.102°N 92.991°E / 58.102; 92.991, 40 km south-east of Lesosibirsk).:)

Below its junction with the Ilim River the Angara has been known in the past as the Upper Tunguska (Russian: Верхняя Тунгуска, Verkhnyaya Tunguska)[2][3] Confusingly, some maps (e.g., 1773 atlas by Kitchen - see illustration) referred to this same section of the Angara as Nizhnyaya Tunguska, i.e. the Lower Tunguska - the name that's currently applied to another river.


Dams and reservoirs

The Angara is dammed by the dams of three major hydroelectric plants that have been constructed since the 1950s.

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