Antigonid dynasty

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The Antigonid dynasty (Greek: Δυναστεία των Αντιγονιδών) was a dynasty of Hellenistic kings descended from Alexander the Great's general Antigonus I Monophthalmus ("the One-eyed").



Succeeding the Antipatrid dynasty in much of Macedonia, Antigonus ruled mostly over Asia Minor and northern Syria. His attempts to take control of the whole of Alexander's empire led to his defeat and death at the Battle of Ipsus in 301 BC. Antigonus's son Demetrius I Poliorcetes survived the battle, and managed to seize control of Macedon itself a few years later, but eventually lost his throne, dying in prison. After a period of confusion, Demetrius's son Antigonus II Gonatas was able to establish the family's control over the old Kingdom of Macedon, as well as over most of the Greek city-states, by 276 BC.[2]


It was one of four dynasties established by Alexander's successors, the others being the Seleucid dynasty, Ptolemaic dynasty and Attalid dynasty. The last scion of the dynasty, Perseus of Macedon, who reigned between 179-168 BCE, was recognized as a champion of Greek freedom against Rome. Nonetheless he proved unable to stop the advancing Roman legions and the Greeks' defeat at the Battle of Pydna signaled the end of the dynasty.[3]


The members of the Antigonid dynasty were:

The Greek rebel against Rome and last King of Macedonia, Andriscus, claimed to be the son of Perseus.


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