Apollo 10

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Apollo 10 was the fourth manned mission in the American Apollo space program. It was an F type mission - its purpose was to be a "dry run" for the Apollo 11 mission, testing all of the procedures and components of a Moon landing without actually landing on the Moon itself. The mission included the second crew to orbit the Moon and an all-up test of the lunar module (LM) in lunar orbit. The LM came to within 8.4 nautical miles (15.6 km) of the lunar surface during practice maneuvers.

According to the 2001 Guinness World Records, Apollo 10 set the record for the highest speed attained by a manned vehicle at 39,897 km/h (11.08 km/s or 24,791 mph) during the return from the Moon on May 26, 1969.

Due to the use of their names only as callsigns, the Peanuts characters Charlie Brown and Snoopy became semi-official mascots for the mission.[2][3] Peanuts creator Charles Schulz also drew some special mission-related artwork for NASA.



The Apollo 10 crew was the most experienced crew of the entire Apollo program, sharing five previous Gemini flights between themselves.

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