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AppleScript is a scripting language created by Apple Inc. and built into Macintosh operating systems since System 7. The term "AppleScript" may refer to the scripting system itself, or to particular scripts that are written in the AppleScript language.

AppleScript is primarily an inter-application processing system, designed to exchange data between and control other applications in order to automate repetitive tasks. AppleScript has some limited processing abilities of its own - basic calculation abilities, and some more intricate text processing tools - and is extensible, allowing the addition of scripting additions which add new functions to the language itself. Mainly, however, AppleScript relies on the built-in functionalities of other applications and processes to handle complex tasks.

AppleScript has some elements of object-oriented programming, particularly in the construction of script objects, and some lisp-like natural language processing tendencies, but fails to conform to either category properly.



The AppleScript project was an outgrowth of the (now discontinued) HyperCard project. HyperCard contained an English language-based scripting language called HyperTalk, which could be used to program a HyperCard stack. Apple engineers recognized that a similar scripting language could be designed to be used with any application, and the AppleScript project was born as part of System 7.

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