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Aquafina is a brand of bottled water and skincare[1] products manufactured by PepsiCo, Inc..




PepsiCo began distributing Aquafina in Wichita, Kansas in 1994, before expanding distribution across the United States, Canada, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Pakistan, India and Spain and Italy. As of 2003, it had become the United States' top-selling bottled water brand in measured retail channels. Aquafina is sold in 12-fluid ounce, 500-milliliter (16.9 fl oz), 20-ounce, 24-ounce, 1-liter, and 1.5-liter bottles.

Aquafina uses PepsiCo's own seven-step purification system, which it calls HydRO-7, which includes pre-filtration treatment to remove larger particles, two stages of polishing filtering, charcoal filtration, reverse osmosis, ultraviolet and ozone sterilization [2]. PepsiCo states in marketing material that this system removes substances that may be in other brands of bottled water.

As of July 27, 2007, PepsiCo put a disclaimer stating the water comes from a "public source" on each bottle. Aquafina uses the term "Purified Drinking Water" on its label. In Canada, the current 1.5 L bottle of water displays "Demineralized Treated Water". Michelle Naughton, a Pepsi-Cola North America spokeswoman said, "If this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it's a reasonable thing to do." [3] Their newest development is called the Eco-Fina Bottle; it uses 50% less plastic than their 2002 bottle.

PepsiCo produces several other products under the Aquafina label:

  • Aquafina Sparkling, carbonated flavored water, available in Berry Blast (Raspberry), and Citrus Twist
  • Aquafina FlavorSplash, flavored water (without carbonation), and artificially sweetened with Sucralose, available in Grape, Citrus Blend, Wild Berry, Strawberry Kiwi, Raspberry and Lemon.
  • Aquafina Alive, a low calorie, vitamin-enhanced water beverage, available in Berry Pomegranate, Peach Mango, Lemon and Orange Lime.
  • Aquafina plus+, a low calorie (120 calories per 591 mL bottle), vitamin supplement water beverage available in "Blackberry Grape", "Pomegranate Cherry","Passionfruit Citrus" and "Orange Tangerine".

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