Around the Fur

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Around the Fur is Deftones' second major label album, released in 1997. The songs "My Own Summer (Shove It)" and "Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)" were both released as singles with accompanying videos.



Around the Fur is the album that put Deftones at the forefront of the 1990s alternative metal scene, after the underground, fan-base building success of their major label debut, Adrenaline.

The song "Headup" features Max Cavalera of Soulfly. The song was written by Max and Chino as a way of venting some of their pain over the loss of Max's step son, and Chino's friend, Dana Wells. Soulfly is taken from a portmanteau invented for the song. It was also featured in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (soundtrack). English alternative rock band Muse cites Deftones as a root influence [1][2] and sometimes uses the riff to Headup as an outro to their song New Born during live performances.

Around the Fur is the first album to feature Frank Delgado as additional personnel, who would eventually join the band officially in 1999.

While the lyrics are in the booklet, not every single word is printed. A good example is the song "Lhabia" where in the verses, Chino Moreno whispers statements that are hard to make out. There is also one verse missing from the song "Headup."

The album cover was shot by photographer Rick Kosick during a late-night party in Seattle where the band was recording.


Track listing

All songs written by Deftones, except "Headup" by Deftones and Max Cavalera.

  • MX contains two hidden tracks, Bong Hit and Damone.

The exact breakdown of MX is as follows:

0:00 - 4:52 MX | 4:53 - 19:31 Silence | 19:32 - 19:55 Bong Hit | 19:56 - 32:34 Silence | 32:35 - 37:18 Damone


Band members

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