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Ashikaga Yoshiharu (足利 義晴?, April 2, 1511 – May 20, 1550) was the 12th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who held the reins of supreme power from 1521 through 1546 during the late Muromachi period of Japan.[1] He was the son of the eleventh shogun Ashikaga Yoshizumi.[2]

  • Daiei 1, on the 25th day of the 3rd month (1521): After the tenth shogun Ashikaga Yoshitane and Hosokawa Takakuni struggled for power over the shogunate and Yoshitane withdrew to Awaji Island, the way was clear for Minamoto-no Yoshiharu to be installed as shogun.[3]
  • Daiei 1, in the 6th month (1521): Yoshiteru enters Kyoto.[1]
  • Daiei 6, in the 12th month (1526): Shogun Yoshiharu invited archers from neighboring provinces to come to the capital for an archery contest.[4]

Not having any political power and repeatedly being forced out of the capital of Kyoto, Yoshiharu eventually retired in 1546 over a political struggle between Miyoshi Nagayoshi and Hosokawa Harumoto making his son Ashikaga Yoshiteru the thirteenth shogun.

  • Tenbun 19, the 4th day of the 5th month (May 20, 1550): Yoshiharu died.[5]

Supported by Oda Nobunaga, his son Ashikaga Yoshiaki became the fifteenth shogun.

From a western perspective, Yoshiharu is significant, as he was shogun in 1542, when the first contact of Japan with the European West took place. A Portuguese ship, blown off its course to China, landed in Japan.


Events of Yoshiharu's bakufu

Significant events shape the period during which Yoshiharu was shogun:[1]

  • 1521 – Hosokawa Takakuni has Yoshiharu appointed shogun.[1]
  • 1526 – Kasai rebels, Miyoshi rebels: Go Nara succeeds.[1]
  • 1528 – Yoshiharu driven out by Miyoshi Nagamoto.[1]
  • 1533 – Ikkō rebellion.[1]
  • 1536 – Go-Nara enthroned.[1]
  • 1538 – Dissension in Koga Kubō's family.[1]
  • 1546 – Yoshiharu flees to Ōmi; his son, Yoshiteru, appointed shogun in exile.[1]

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