Atlanta Braves

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  • Atlanta Braves (1966–present)
  • Milwaukee Braves (1953–1965)
    Boston Braves (1941–1952)
    Boston Bees (1936–1940)
    Boston Braves (1912–1935)
    Boston Rustlers (1911)
    Boston Doves (1907–1910)
    Boston Beaneaters (1883–1906)
    Boston Red Caps (1876–1882)
    Boston Red Stockings (1871–1876)
  • The Bravos, The Team of the 90s

The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball club based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Braves are a member of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball's National League. From 1997 to the present, the Braves have played in Turner Field.

The "Braves" name, which was first used in 1912, originates from a term for a Native American warrior. They are nicknamed "the Bravos", and often self-styled as "America's Team" in reference to the team's games being broadcast on the nationally available TBS until the 2008 season, gaining a wide fanbase.

From 1991–2005 the Braves were one of the most successful franchises in baseball, winning division titles an unprecedented 14 consecutive times in that period[3][4] (omitting the strike-shortened 1994 season in which there were no official division champions). The Braves won the NL West 1991–93 and the NL East 1995–2005, and returned to the playoffs as the National League Wild Card in 2010. The Braves advanced to the World Series five times in the 1990s, winning the title in 1995. Since their debut in the National League in 1876, the franchise has won 16 divisional titles, 9 National League pennants, as well as three World Series championships—in 1914 as the Boston Braves, in 1957 as the Milwaukee Braves, and in 1995 in Atlanta. The Braves are the only MLB franchise to have won the World Series in three different home cities. The National Football League's St. Louis Rams are the only other major sports franchise to do this.

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