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Available in All Colors is the debut album of One Minute Silence, released in 1998. It was released on Big Cat Records, and distributed by 3mv/Pinnacle in the UK, Sony Music in France, Rough Trade in Germany and Austria, M.N.W. in Scandinavia, Record Services in Ireland, P.I.A.S in Benelux and Universal in Italy.

It was produced by Machine, and so, although One Minute Silence are a rap metal band, it has a hip hop quality to it.

The album features cover artwork by Anne Stokes (the copyright is owned by Big Cat Records, however) which portrays fetuses in orange and green tubes with the labels "racist", "prophet", "anarchist", "humanitarian", "psychopath", "dictator", etc. It is intended as a comment on the isolation of capitalist society and the categorization of individuals.

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