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In mathematics, the axiom of power set is one of the Zermelo–Fraenkel axioms of axiomatic set theory.

In the formal language of the Zermelo–Fraenkel axioms, the axiom reads:

where P stands for the power set, \mathcal{P}(A), of A. In English, this says:

By the axiom of extensionality this set is unique. We call the set \mathcal{P}(A) the power set of A. Thus, the essence of the axiom is that every set has a power set.

The axiom of power set appears in most axiomatizations of set theory. It is generally considered uncontroversial, although constructive set theory prefers a weaker version to resolve concerns about predicativity.


The Power Set Axiom allows the definition of the Cartesian product of two sets X and Y:

Notice that

and thus the Cartesian product is a set since

One may define the Cartesian product of any finite collection of sets recursively:

Note that the existence of the Cartesian product can be proved in Kripke–Platek set theory which does not contain the power set axiom.


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