BBC Radio 4

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92.5-96.1 MHz FM
103.5-104.9 MHz FM
198 kHz

Also on MW :
603 kHz , 720 kHz
774 kHz , 756 kHz
1.449 kHz , 1.495 kHz

910 (FM)

BBC Radio 4 is a domestic radio station in Britain that broadcasts a wide variety of spoken-word programmes, including news, drama, comedy, science and history. It replaced the BBC Home Service in 1967.[2] Radio 4 broadcasts throughout the United Kingdom, and can be received in the north of France and Northern Europe as well. It is also available through Sky and Virgin media, and on the internet.

The senior announcers are Chris Aldridge and Harriet Cass and the newsreaders are Alice Arnold, Carolyn Brown, Kathy Clugston, Corrie Corfield, Charlotte Green, Annie McKie, Rory Morrison, Susan Rae and Neil Sleat. Newsreaders and Continuity Announcers are Charles Caroll, David Miles, Vaughan Savidge, Alan Smith, Zebedee Soanes and Diana Speed. Newsreaders from the non-Today programme are Peter Donaldson and Brian Perkins. Continuity Announcers are Jim Lee, Neil Nunes, Howard Philpott, Caroline Nicholls and Matthew Exell.


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