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Badenweiler, a health resort and spa of the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, historically in the Markgräflerland. It is 28 kilometers by road and rail from Basel, 10 kilometers from the French border, and 20 kilometers away from Mulhouse. The permanent population is about 600; the nearest big city on the German side of the border is Freiburg, about 30 kilometers away. Badenweiler lies at the western edge of the Black Forest. It is sheltered by the Blauen, 1164 m (3820 ft), and the climate is excellent. Its parish (Evangelical) church (1897) is built at the foot of an 11th-century castle which belonged to the margraves of Baden and was destroyed by the French during the wars of Louis XV.

Badenweiler is visited by some 5000 people annually. Some come for its warm mineral springs, with temperatures of 21°C (70°F), others for its whey cure, and still others on account of its equable climate and picturesque surroundings. There is a Kurhaus, built in 1853, and a park of 15 acres (61,000 m²) containing a historic arboretum (the Staatliche Baderverwaltung Badenweiler), as well as a grand-ducal castle, refitted in 1887–88. In 1784 well-preserved Roman baths were discovered here.


The Russian writer Anton Chekhov died there on 15 July (o.s. 2 July) 1904. From Badenweiler, Chekhov wrote outwardly jovial letters to his sister Masha describing the food and surroundings.

The American poet, novelist, and journalist Stephen Crane died there on June 15, 1900 of tuberculosis.


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