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Barneveld (About this sound pronunciation ) is a town and a municipality in the province of Gelderland in the center of the Netherlands. It is known for its poultry industry and large protestant community. The population of the municipality was 52.629 in June 2010, the town having a population of 29.756.[1]



Barneveld is served by Connexxion at two train stations. The Barneveld Centrum railway station in the Barneveld town center and the Barneveld Noord railway station in the village of Harselaar.

Barneveld is also connected by the A1 and A30 motorways, as well as provincial roads N301, N344, N800, N802, and N805.


Due to the central geographic location of the City and its close proximity to major transport routes Barneveld has become a foundry for innovative industry. Moba, the world's largest manufacturer of egg grading and packing machines. Baan a longtime leader in the ERP market before it almost collapsed due to "creative" revenue manipulation. Bettink Service en Onderhoud which is the biggest brand independent wind turbine service company in the Netherlands. Eltomation which has been involved in the development and worldwide supply of over 160 complete plants and projects for the production of Cement Bonded Boards. EeStairs that created a DNA-inspired staircase and designed a space-saving stair solution that fits into a tiny 3-foot-by-3-foot space. Paperfoam, a company that is specialised in environmental friendly packaging with a very low carbon footprint. Other locally well known companies are Vink, De Heus founded in Barneveld current HQ in Ede, Netherlands and the The Royal BDU Publishing.

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